About OSC Fashion

OSC One-stop celebration OSC is a certified, woman-owned company consisting of consultancy, garment production company, a pan African fashion Training college, and its own clothing line, founded over a decade ago, in 2009 by Mrs. Olusola Babatunde who is passionate about using her skills and the 3 E’s of Educating, Empowering and Employing the African creative to reinterpret, reinforce and re-position what “Made in Africa” means.

To start a fashion design course, call +243 803 302 9096 or send an email to info@oscfashion.com

The following courses are offered at OSC:

Men’s Wear Pattern Making Duration: Six (6) Months. Fee: N700,000 (Tuition +Training Kit)
Female Wear Pattern Making (Duration: Six (6) months. Fee: N850,000
Certificate for Fashion Management (CFM) (Duration: Two (2) months. Fee: N350,000) (Tuition +Training Kit)
Computer-Aided Pattern Making (CAD) (Duration: One (1) month. Fee: N250,000 (Tuition +Training Kit)
Fashion Collection Development (Duration: One (1) month. Fee: N150,000) (Tuition +Training Kit)
Garment Production Management (Duration: Three (3) months. Fee: N350,000) (Tuition +Training Kit)

OSC College of Fashion is located at Adebola House, 38, Opebi Road (Inside Sterling Bank, Ikeja, Lagos)

Both male and female fashion design training are offered at OSC College of Fashion.

We offer online fashion design classes. Distance is no longer a barrier to getting world-class fashion design training

Our weekend classes are available for those who may be busy all week

OSC College of Fashion also offer bridal wear fashion design training

Garment Production

OSC Garment Factory is located at 11A, Aba Johnson Crescent, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja Lagos.

Sewing prices depends on the type of garment to be produced as well as the quantity

  1. You will be required to show us your sketches, pictures, or actual garment you want to produce
  2. You will be required to provide a Technical Pack (Please Google of Tech Pack for clothing) and make payment for samples)
  3. We make a pattern based on your tech pack
  4. You supply all fabrics and trims (if you are a designer). Except for corporate organizations. For cases where the company has its own fabric. The sample is made, on approval of sample
  5. We lay fabric, place patterns, and cut using an industrial cutter (we do not cut 1 by 1). We cut all at once.
  6. Cut pieces are inspected and passed to the sewing section
  7. Clothes are stitched using highly skilled machines and industrial computerized machines
  8. Quality control check done on each item
  9. Each finished garment is pressed, folded, and packed with labels for easy identification
  10. You make balance payments, come to pick up your items, or have them delivered to you

Our production time depends on the quantity required. We have a factory output of 500 pieces per day

We produce uniforms/garments of any kind.

We offer small and large scale garment production services for budding as well as established fashion designers

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