Our Story

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry as fashion designers, mass garment manufacturers, and consultants to all stages of fashion businesses from small, medium, large, and government agencies. This makes us best suited to help solve your fashion business problems.

Our Mandate

Resolve your fashion business problems, hiring the right staff, and mastering the art of profit-making leveraging one-on-one sessions with our creative director and principal consultant.


Subscription-based Mentorship Program for Fashion Business Owners

In the creative and professional world, growth happens faster when you ride on the shoulders of people who have made a significant change or momentous increase with their business or career. It’ll create a paradigm shift and suddenly you’ll find out about resources, guides, and dreams that are achievable. During the program, you’ll get exclusive mentorship that will help you shape your work for increased profitability.
Are you a fashion business owner who is seeking how to step into the next stage? Do you want to receive tips, guidance, resources and get your work evaluated by one of the best in the industry? This mentorship program is tailored for you.

This program is a monthly subscription-based and one-time fee one-on-one and Group mentorship guidance that will result in accelerated growth for fashion businesses that are thirsty for growth.


Mrs. Olusola Babatunde is the lead mentor for the OSC Tribe. She is the Creative Director of One Stop Celebration & Principal Consultant, OSC College of Fashion.
She is widely recognized globally as a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s fashion industry.
Mrs. Olusola Babatunde has received numerous awards and recognition for her work in the fashion industry. Such the LSETF/UNDP Employability Support Project Award, International Trade Center, Fashion & Life International Achievement Award, WED Ambassador, Entrepreneurial Development Centre, PAN Atlantic University, Nigeria’s 100 Most Inspiring Women – Ynaija, Leading Ladies Africa, Charlie Blaire Road to Growth Ambassador, City People Excellence Award, amongst several others.
Many of the high achieving fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria came from her tutelage. In this program, she will be sharing from her wealth of experience for a highly subsidized fee.


Join now to get access to exclusive insight, resources, and consultations.

Step 1: Register through the link – http://tinyurl.com/OSCTribe

Step 2: Make a payment of sign up fee to 0161704411 | GTBank | OSC College of Fashion

Step 3: Email proof of payment to info@oscfashion.com using OSC Tribe Membership as email subject

Monthly Subscription Fee:
N10,000 (Payable on or before 5th of each month)

Annual Subscription Fee:

Group sessions Fee
(Subject to duration, location, and size of group)