OSC Garment Production

Ethical, sustainable and small batch production for independent designers.

OSC garment production company provides both small batch and large scale manufacturing services for independent designers and established brands alike utilizing manufacturing facilities in our Ikeja and Yaba facilities

Small batch production provides emerging designers an opportunity to grow and thrive. In one department of our fall river facility, we focus on partnering with new and emerging designers looking for small batch production and offer some of the lowest minimums in the country (as low as ten per size, style and color).

Responding to a growing demand for our services, we expanded in 2018 into the Tejuosho shopping mall at the tailoring section. With our expansion we are able to focus on clients looking for a reliable, quality production partner as they scale their business. As a result, we are able to offer run sizes as large as 10,000 units.

Our core areas of production include: suits, corporate shirts, causal wears, school uniforms, house wears, security wears, t-shirts, polo shirts, sportswear, hotel wears, graduation wears, medical robes, prison wears, branded wears, promotional wears, robes and academic gowns. Other accessories include branded ties, scarfs, lanyards and lapel pins. We also make design specific clothing for emerging male & female brand from young entrepreneurs. Are you lunching you fashion brand soon? do you already have a running fashion business and you need reliable partners to help with bulk production? We are 100% available to help; we have helped both male and female brands to accelerate their ideas to business.

At OSC garment production company our commitment to providing development and manufacturing services for independent designers is at the forefront of our mission. For this reason, we also offer consulting and training services, to help provide the necessary education for those looking to make their start in the industry.

Being prepared for production will save time and money as you work to grow your brand and ideas. It is a crucial first step for those with limited to no manufacturing experience.

From small batch manufacturing, to large scale production,the impressive capabilities of our facility attend to a variety of client needs. If you feel that we would be a good fit for your cut and sew manufacturing project please fill out a production application.

What to Expect

Consultations are held at our office or over the phone with a member of our experienced staff. Each consultation is held by an expert with 15+ years in the apparel industry. Bring your questions and we will effortlessly provide valuable insight they have accumulated over the years.

In addition to being able to answer questions you may have we will also go over guidelines for the development/manufacturing process, sourcing, legalities and much more!


Patterning: Drawing from our roots in old world tailoring principles, we place a high value in hand drafted patterns. At our facility in Yaba Lagos Nigeria, we are able to work from either a prototype or an illustration to craft hand drawn production ready patterns. These are a must before any of our designers are able to go to production.

Sampling: Creating a sample is a necessary step in preparing for manufacturing. With a sample you are able to test the fit of your garment, the shape, the way your fabrics drape etc. After we create a sample we send it back to our clients for them to assess what changes need to be made. This process can require multiple samples and in the end you are left with a garment or product that is made specifically to suit your specifications.

Grading: Grading is the final step of the development process where we translate your base pattern across your size range. If you have a garment or product that does not require size variants you are able to skip this step entirely.


Ready to start production, or interested in signing up for our consulting services? The first step is to fill out our production application below so we can determine your needs and whether they are a good fit for our production facility. Please answer the questions with as much information possible. The more you tell us about your vision and your product, the better we will be able to assess whether we are a good fit for you. If you have photos, sketches, or other info to send along with your application, please email them as an attachment to info@osccollegeoffashion.net.

Please note that we are a cut and sew manufacturing facility and do not offer services such as screen printing, embroidery, apparel blanks. We also do not manufacture shoes, hats, knitted (except for t-shirts, hoodies and joggers) garments, under garments, bathing suits and socks.

We look forward to reviewing your application. Please allow for two days to receive an initial response for your submission.